I create sculpture for indoor, outdoor, private and public spaces from various materials such as steel, copper and wood. Through the free association of color, texture, scale and form my work defines itself in an intuitive manner.

"The distinct nature of a medium dictates technique and demands exploration. The sense of immediacy and oneness of purpose with the material(s) takes me on a joyful journey of chance discoveries."
  • Relationships - Metal Wall Sculpture - Dennis Leri

    "Relationships," Metal Wall Sculpture

  • Arancio - Metal Sculpture - Dennis Leri

    "Arancio," Metal Sculpture

  • Connect and Re-Connect - Metal Wall Sculpture - Dennis Leri

    "Connect and Re-Connect," Metal Wall Sculpture

  • Winged Portal - Metal Sculpture - Dennis Leri

    "Winged Portal," Metal Sculpture

  • Mellow Yellow - Metal Wall Sculpture - Dennis Leri

    "Mellow Yellow," Metal Wall Sculpture